– leading from a cornfield

The proof is in this picture I took the other day. Yes, I lead from a cornfield. Well actually, this year they surprised us with soybeans. We have 125 employees, 4,654 clients ranging in age from 3-21, and we’re on the road 24/7/365. Our purpose is transportation. Our mission is safety. Our goal is equity. Our conviction is compassion. We see first-hand what some of our clients endure in regards to living conditions – from mansions to river camps; from the wealthy, to the homeless. Some are exceptional; others are not. Some are still in diapers; others think they deserve the freedoms of adulthood. For these reasons, monotony doesn’t exist in our department. Likewise, it should never exist in the life of a leader.

Monotony leads to complacency, but complacency dissolves in the presence of leadership.  Leadership requires an unselfish humble tact for honesty, accompanied with a controlled assertive aggression for forward progress. Due to forward progress, the dissolution of complacency should occur naturally. The operative word is “should.”

Leadership isn’t text book. If it were, you wouldn’t get 158,000,000 results in 0.1 seconds Google Searching “Leadership Books.” I feel confident that such a large number is reflective of the nearly 7 billion people in the world. Leadership is about people, and even identical twins have separate personalities.  A leader must learn how to lead each person individually prior to knowing how to lead the group as a whole to maximum synergy.

– leading from a cornfield


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