Point the Thumb; Pull the Finger

The caricature above ended up on my office door one afternoon following a department wide meeting. Yes, I always have sunglasses on my head. No, I don’t have an acne problem. That is my short beard and receding hairline. I digress. The meeting’s agenda involved learning the value of “Pulling the thumb before pointing the finger.” I find this concept very important in any situation, especially the world of leadership.

Part of leadership is coaching. Coaching requires a humble tact for honesty in identifying weak points while providing suggestions for improvement. It requires support and encouragement. It also requires providing freedom for failure. Yes, failure. It’s proven that human’s learn most through their failures. Never forget that the people you lead are human. So are you. As a leader, if you are quick to pull the thumb at yourself before pointing the finger at others, your followers will do likewise.      

What the picture fails to show is the caricature’s caption which reads, “Point the thumb…pull the finger!” How clever. I’ve always heard, “Mimicking is the greatest form of flattering.” I can only hope that’s true.

– leading from a cornfield.


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